External Collaborators

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Academics that have collaborated on research projects with MTOUGH include:

Prof. Peter Clough, Manchester Metropolitan University
Peter is the former Head of Psychology at the University of Hull. He now works in the Department of Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University and has numerous peer-reviewed papers concerning mental toughness. Peter has written various applied book chapters concerning the importance of mental toughness in sport, coaching, and occupational settings. His recent book, “Developing Mental Toughness” was published by Kogan Page and provides practical tips based upon our combined published research. Additionally, Peter is a co-author of the Mental Toughness Questionnaire 48 (MTQ48), the most used research measure of mental toughness. There are numerous ongoing MTOUGH projects that Peter is involved with.

Dr Mark Nesti, Liverpool John Moores University
Mark is a reader in sport psychology at Liverpool John Moores University who has extensive applied experience of working as a psychologist for a number of Premier League Football clubs in the UK. He has written two books concerning his applied work and has published peer-reviewed work on the development of mental toughness within football in collaboration with Dr Crust. Mark is an existential psychologist who is particularly interested in the lived experiences of professional sports people.

Dr Steve Dewhurst, University of Hull
Steve is a cognitive psychologist at the University of Hull. He is particularly interested in understanding the cognitive processes that underpin mental toughness. To date, his laboratory research has helped to establish cognitive differences between people that report high and low levels of mental toughness.

Mr John Perry, Leeds Trinity University
John is a senior lecturer in sport and exercise psychology at Leeds Trinity University. He is currently completing his doctoral studies under the supervision of Dr Clough with work concerning the measurement of sportspersonship. John has an active interest in mental toughness and recently applied his statistical knowledge to conduct a large scale psychometric analysis of the MTQ48 alongside Dr Clough and Dr Crust. The results, to be published shortly, provide good support for the MTQ48.

Prof. Robert Weinberg, Miami University                                                                           
Bob is based at Miami Univerity (Oxford, Ohio not Florida) and is perhaps best known for being co-author of the seminal undergraduate textbook “Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology”. His recent work has focused upon the role of mental toughness in sport, business, and life, and following his visit to the University of Lincoln in April 2013, he is working with members of MTOUGH on a qualitative research project.

Dr. Jeff Breckon, Sheffield Hallam University                                                                   
Jeff is a principal research fellow at Sheffield Hallam University with a specialist focus upon exercise and physical activity. He has extensive clinical experience and has worked with exercise refferal schemes for many years. Jeff has also been chief assessor for the BPS Qualification in Sport and Exercise Psychology (QSEP). Jeff is currently working with MTOUGH on a qualitative research project.

Prof. Aidan Moran, University College Dublin
Aidan is a Professor of Cognitive Psychology in the School of Psychology at University College Dublin. His research interests include imagery, attention, concentration, and the development of expertise. Aidan is a Visiting Professor at University of Lincoln, where he visited as an external examiner for Christian Swann’s PhD viva in November, 2012. Aidan is currently collaborating with members of the MTOUGH group on projects concerning expertise, flow, and mental toughness.