Professor Lee CrustDr. Lee Crust Lee is a British Psychological Society (BPS) Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist, a Science Council Chartered Scientist, and a Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered Practitioner Psychologist. He has published extensively in the area of mental toughness in sport and also has published peer-reviewed work on the use of music in sport and exercise, leadership, psychological momentum, flow, and green exercise. His main interests broadly fit with positive psychology (the study of human strengths and flourishing) and he uses both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Dr Mark Smith


Dr. Mark Smith Mark is a principal lecturer in exercise physiology but brings forth an interest and knowledge of cognitive neuroscience that provides valuable additional skills to the group. In particular Mark’s work focuses on the role of the brain in controlling pace regulation during exercise, affective responses and tolerance of exercise.

Dr Alkisti Olympiou


Dr Alkisti Olympiou Alkisti brings a more social psychology focus to the group. She is mainly interested in the dynamic interactions in coach-athlete relationships and ways to make such interactions more productive and fulfilling. She is also interested in the role of mental toughness in such relationships.

Christian Swann


Dr Christian Swann Christian is a Lecturer in Sport Psychology, and completed both his undergraduate degree and PhD at University of Lincoln. His research interests are in areas of positive psychology including mental toughness, psychological momentum, and in particular, flow. He has several peer-reviewed publications concerning flow in elite sport, and of particular relevance to the group, has published research on the relationship between flow and mental toughness. Christian is currently completing British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) Supervised Experience specialising in sport psychology support.


Lizzie Stamp LizziephotoLizzie is a graduate from the University of Hull and joined the MTOUGH group in September 2013. She is studying for a PhD concerning the role of mental toughness in adopting and maintaining a physically active lifestyle.